Angelina Jolie’s sick casting game!

Angelina Jolie recently gave a juicy, tell-all interview to Vanity Fair in their latest issue on her divorce with Brad Pitt, her diagnosis of Bell’s palsy and life as a single mother. However, what’s caused a storm are none of those revelations as much as the creepy “game” that was used to find the child… Continue reading Angelina Jolie’s sick casting game!

Ricky Martin as Gianni Versace’s lover on TV

It’s one of the most hotly anticipated TV shows. The second series of American Crime Story will unravel the truth behind the gruesome murder of famed fashion designer Gianni Versace, that shocked the world twenty years ago. Gianni was one of the most celebrated designers, known for his talk of the town creations like Elizabeth… Continue reading Ricky Martin as Gianni Versace’s lover on TV