The breakfast club

With their famous all-day breakfast comprising an exotic selection of eggs, buttermilk pancakes and waffles that you could well eat into dinner, The Nutcracker made a firm niche for itself with their Kala Ghoda eatery. Now, they open in a quiet bylane of Bandra offering more of their healthy eating staples like the Black Bean Burger and Turkish Eggs that they introduced into the food map of the city.


Much larger than their first place, this outlet has a charming outside lounge area while the insides are done up with a mix of wood and metal. The place has a warm, cosy feel to it like a café should. Add to that, the owner Anaheeta Bafna is always around providing personalized attention and suggestions to diners.


There are plenty of gluten-free, jain and vegan options available on this all-veg menu. Eggetarians swear by this place (the variety of eggs here is endless!), with the Turkish Eggs holding a place of pride with its light, fluffy texture of the poached eggs. The Emmenthal Truffle Scrambled Eggs are another hallmark with a delicious side of bagel and cream cheese. I’m making a special mention of the bagel and cream cheese because they really are that good – with the bagels coming in flavours like caramelized onion and their cheese sourced from a special artisanal cheese-maker in the city. I could eat their Fruit, Root & Nut Salad all day – chunks of strawberry, beetroot, sweet potato, greens with the crunch of caramelized almonds. The Warm Cottage Cheese Salad is another winner with grilled zucchini, broccoli, peppers and baby corn making a ravishing mix. This time we didn’t have the famed Blackbean Burger instead opting for a Warm Lebanese Sandwich that comes with pita-enclosed falafel, hummus and garlic mayo (you can also get it deconstructed without the bread, which is actually a better alternative). Make sure you leave plenty of space for their pancakes (hello, apricot, salted caramel & honey!) and the Dark Belgian Chocolate Waffle.

Standout Dish

One of the best desserts in the city, you simply cannot get enough of the 7 Layered Cookie (biscuit crumble, caramel, butterscotch, Belgian chocolate and almonds) that comes warmed up with vanilla ice-cream. You will be dreaming of this long after, trust me! And although I didn’t try it, my companion swears by the goodness of their Lemon Tart.

Sore Spot

While it’s a popular dish on their menu, I wasn’t too taken in by the Nutty Spaghetti finding it a bit too greasy and low on flavour.

(The Nutcracker, Diamond Arch Co-Op Housing Society, St. John Baptist Road, Bandra Reclamation, Mumbai; Tel +91-22-26400432)

By Farhad J. Dadyburjor, Mumbai


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