Gourmet splendour at the Royal Opera House

The American South makes its way to Mumbai! In the majestic surroundings of the refurbished Royal Opera House, the city’s new cultural hot-spot, Dine at The Quarter throws its doors open with a Louisiana Creole-inspired menu by restaurateur Nico Goghavala.


The Quarter has been designed to include four areas – a mozzarella and wine bar, a live jazz club, an all-day café, with the last in line being Dine at The Quarter which is where the serious business of eating is done. In a gorgeous al fresco setting, hanging glass lamps droop over tables whilst soft jazz plays in the backdrop of swarming greenery.


Chef Ajinkya More has created a truly unique menu that introduces the cuisine of the American South to city gourmands. Creole food typically blends flavours of the Southern United States with that of British, Italian, French and Spanish influences. Using artisanal produce and locally sourced herbs, the food here is light, bursting with flavour and really delicious. In salads, we went with the organic Heirloom Carrots (sporting colours like violet, red and green) mixed with roasted almonds, snow peas and feta cubes. A very succulent portion of Chargrilled Cara Beef was accompanied by corn chowder, leeks and a plum jus, whilst risotto lovers should try the special Farro Wheat Risotto that eschews the typical risotto rice for farro wheat grains in a creamy swirl of mushrooms, leeks and parmesan. Hand-tossed pizzas come in Red and White (“with” or “without” sauce) and The Fat Pistachio had artisanal Italian sausage layered over pistachios, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil. The meal winded up perfectly with a Flourless Chocolate Cake with figs and cream.

Standout Dish

The Tarragon Roast Chicken was just outstanding – juicy cubes of chicken with an orange sweet potatoes fondant, carrot puree and killed lettuce.

Sore Spot

Although Shrimp and Grits is a typical Southern dish and does go well together, once you’re done with eating the shrimps there’s just too much of the corn chowder left to laboriously go through.

(Dine at The Quarter, Royal Opera House, Mumbai; Tel +91 8329110638)   

By Farhad J. Dadyburjor, Mumbai


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