India’s first sculpture park

It’s a place where art, man and nature intertwine. Sculpture parks have been famous in cities like New York, France, Norway and Japan – an attraction for art lovers and tourists alike. Now, the Government of Rajasthan in collaboration with Saat Saath Arts will be launching India’s first sculpture park at the Madhavendra Palace, Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur on December 10. The idea is to turn the 18th century palace into an art gallery with sculptures by top Indian and international artists displayed both indoors and outside.


With plans of making this an annual event, the exhibition curated by Peter Nagy, Director of Nature Morte Art Ltd, will have artworks by 17 Indian and 8 international artists currently exhibited at the palace. They include: Arman, Huma Bhabha, Astha Butail, James Brown, Stephen Cox, Anita Dube, Vibha Galhotra, Vikram Goyal, Subodh Gupta, Evan Holloway, Matthew Day Jackson, Hans Josephsohn, Jitish Kallat, Reena Kallat, Bharti Kher, Mrinalini Mukherjee, Manish Nai, Gyan Panchal, Prashant Pandey, Benitha Perciyal, Thukral & Tagra, LN Tallur, Ravinder Reddy, Asim Waqif and Arlene Shechet.

Elaborating on the project, says curator Peter Nagy, “For most of my career as a gallerist and curator, I have been trying to break away from the white-box exhibition space. With this project, I am able to indulge my passions for art, architecture and decor into a marvelous synthesis of the past and the present.”


By Farhad J. Dadyburjor, Mumbai


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