Flavour Bastard, anyone?

No, I’m not using expletives for the sake of it! This quirkily named restaurant by renowned Indian chef Pratap Chahal (previously of Cinnamon Club, Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen and Galvin Bistrot) and restaurateur Vic Singh is the newest entrant on the Soho restaurant scene. The concept behind Flavour Bastard is “anything but authentic” – it’s all about different flavours, cuisines and cultures all served up on tiny plates. Weird and wonderful!


The restaurant itself is nothing fancy; in fact, it’s rather small with an eating bar against a wall with a small dining area to the rear of the restaurant. The ceilings are purple as are the walls lining the bar area.


The White Lentil, Chorizo and Pecorino Doughnut gives you a nice little zap when biting into it. Smoked Goat on a little baby roti was tasty – more like “pulled goat” with pomegranate frankincense orange and tarragon…and if that isn’t bastardising flavours I don’t know what is! The Chickpea Salad with rose harissa and date syrup was not only the most prettily plated dish, but pretty unusual in taste too. They also serve their own beer and have an interesting mix of cocktails and sakes on offer.

Standout Dish

The Pork Belly with cinnamon and clove, bacon jam and pickled carrot – melt in your mouth and very flavoursome.

Sore Spot

The place was quite cramped. And the Tandoori Chicken was more like Kentucky fried chicken.

(Flavour Bastard, 63-64 Frith Street, Soho, London W1; Tel 020-77344545)

By Diane Bilimoria, London


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