Why Dubrovnik is the go-to destination

A UNESCO World Heritage site and the most trending destination at the moment, this walled city is charming, hip and happening. Overlooking the deep blue waters of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik in Croatia offers culture, great food, shopping, beaches and a buzzing nightlife too, with the odd celeb spotting thrown in.

Walking the Walls of the city is a must-do and best done with a tour guide. Do this early evening so as to avoid the mid day heat and accompany this with a cable car ride up to Mount Srd, for those who don’t mind heights of course.


If you are a Game of Thrones fan, then pay homage to this city by doing the Walk of Shame as this has been the location for filming the TV series, not to mention the next Bond movie is being shot here. You never know, if you’re lucky you just might spot Daniel Craig arising from the sea in his tiny swimwear.

As we were meandering around the cobbled streets we stumbled upon Buza Bar – a bar that’s literally embedded in the rocks with great music and cocktails on offer. What we witnessed was even crazier – thrill-seeking guys jumping off the cliff into the sea, one after the other. An adrenaline rush, no doubt!

Another place to head is the famous “no reservations allowed” Lady Pi Pi restaurant perched high up on one of the side streets of the Old City. Look out for the Lady Pi Pi statue…you will be surprised by its posture.

You can also enjoy drinks and dinner at Nautika, voted amongst the top ten romantic restaurants in the world. There’s also Kopun restaurant, specialising in Croatian cuisine, that’s outside the Jesuit Church of St Ignatius which makes it a perfect setting.

By Diane Bilimoria, London


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