The most fabulous mother-son duo

In this age of Kardashianism, the family that slays together stays together. And according to fashion insiders, the newest lot to offer some familial fun is Peepy and Mother Lee who have been causing a fashion storm on social media. Whether they are rocking pearls, draped in blinged-out jewellery, sporting prints, carrying matching Birkins, complementing each other in kimonos or twinning, this mother-son duo is OTT personified. The hair is large, the accessories super-fancy and nobody can get enough – judging from their Instagram profile that has 118k followers. Not surprisingly, they’ve been featured in several fashion publications as new-age style influencers including Elle UK and Vogue international.



So, what do we know about this duo besides their penchant for designer togs? Peepy is the editor of Bangkok-based Hi Magazine while Mother Lee is, well, his mother. It’s no wonder then that every picture that they upload looks like a fashion shoot, with ostentatious backgrounds competing with their clothing. As a pair, they look uber-trendy and one loves the fact that Peepy is so comfortable sporting jewellery on his fingers or neck, and flaunting plenty of designer bags at once. A clear role model in today’s gender-fluid times. In fact so famous have they become that Peepy has created his own pose that many of his followers now copy – ‘paws-on-cheeks’ where both his hands studded with diamond jewellery rest on his cheeks and even has his own signature hashtag #HomeAlonePeepy.

Victoria and Brooklyn Beckham, it’s time you upped your game!

By Farhad J. Dadyburjor, Mumbai



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